Cylinder Hydro Testing | West Virginia Fire Safety
Fire Safety offers hydrostatic testing of cylinders for both commercial and residential customers in order to insure the safety of the cylinder to comply with Governmental / DOT requirements.

Hydro-testing is a means to test a steel cylinders ability to handle stress and pressure. If a cylinder has incurred damage that would weaken the metal shell or if the internal corrosion exists, the cylinder will flex under pressure and, in turn, will fail hydro-test. Hydro-testing will detect deficiencies within the cylinder that are not detectable by the human eye.

Cylinders that Fire Safety will hydro-test include:

  • Carbon Dioxide (Co2) Fire Extinguishers.
  • Carbon Dioxide Cylinders.
  • SCBA Cylinders.
  • Most all Industrial Gas Cylinders.
  • Air pack Cylinders including:
  • Aluminum / Steel / Composite Fiber Wrapped Cylinders as well as Paintball Cylinders including Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide.
  • Paintball Cylinders including Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide.